My personal work has been quiet for a while. That's because Screwfly's back in action and working hard on Deadnaut. Once it's released, I'll probably write some more dev pieces. Until then.


Every now and then, I'll beat some code into shape and pop it up onto Github. Most of these were written before I'd have called myself a programmer, so they might be rough. I'll try to put up more recent stuff soon.


Check out Transmission. It's a work-in-progress, but certainly playable.

I tend to use projects as a way of understanding something. In the case of Transmission, I used it to experiment with a very precise, elegant game mechanic - the opposite of my previous work - and to get familiar with Unity. It needs a bit of attention, but even in its minimal form, it can be mesmerising. The goal of just trying to keep something balanced - rather than destroying or building something - is oddly novel, but nicely satisfying. I can easily see the idea transplanted into something larger, more elaborate.

As for Unity, I've plenty to say about it, mostly critical, but it's undeniably the single best option for indies. Most problems aren't showstoppers, and even its most frustrating aspects are easily forgiven when you look at all the platforms it supports.


I like working with people, especially artists, and especially artists who can code a little. Not a lot, just enough to know how computers interact with your work. Prior experience with games is irrelevant. Send me an email if you're interested. And I will pay you money if it's a commercial game because I'm not a prick.

What of Screwfly Studios?

With Backstrip up and running, a few people have asked me what's happening with Screwfly Studios. If you don't know, I own half of Screwfly Studios, Logan Booker owns the other half, and together we made Zafehouse Diaries, which became an order of magnitude more successful than we imagined.

Backstrip doesn't affect Screwfly. It's still active, Zafehouse Diaries is still supported, and we'll likely continue releasing updates for it. We have plans for new titles, which we'll hopefully start talking about soon.

It's true that my time will be split between the two outfits. But despite the success of Zafehouse, it doesn't pay the bills, and never has - it was always part-time.

So the short answer: nothing's changed.


Hello, welcome to Backstrip. I'm David Kidd and Backstrip is my independent game development studio.

There's not much here at the moment, but that will change soon. Until then, check my currently active projects, drop me a line or follow me on Twitter for updates.

If you're looking for my old blog, it's over here.